NPS Geysers apps surpass initial goals for downloads

In preparation for the release of our next version of NPS Geysers (coming very soon!), we just checked the analytics and found that the Apple version of the app already has surpassed 15,000 downloads, and the Android version has more than 7,000, with primarily word-of-mouth / earned media marketing to date. We had hoped at the start of this project to reach about 10,000 downloads (total) with version 1.0, but we already have more than 20,000 and just recently were listed on one of the most visited pages within the National Park Service web, which should boost access to the free apps even more. During the first few months of release, Android and Apple basically were even in terms of downloads, so we’re not sure why Apple has surged in recent months. NPS staff members have told us that visitors to park sites seem to have more iPhones than Androids, but we do not have any empirical data about that. That will be an interesting trend to continue to follow when the next version of the apps are released.


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